Dreaming is a pop song about love and loving feellings that are not returned. Dreaming is an emotional song that is quite dreamy in nature, and its lyrics contain sincerity, hope and a sense of longing.The song has both soft and more intense parts, and it reflects situations that most people can recognise.


The Games

A trip to the local movie theatre to see “The Hunger Games: Mogkingjay Part 1” became the inspiration for a new song. Especially the scene, where the main character, Katniss, returns to District 12, made an impact on the young singer from Hobro. On the way home from the movies, the cues to a new song were written down on a napkin from the car. The cues were made for a serious and passionate song that express the despair in the scene, but also the hope for a better future.

Lauritz Boe

Lauritz Boe is a promising young musician/singer/songwriter from Hobro, Denmark. He started his career through 'Talentbooking' and has since then become a part of the local teenage band, ’Soo What’, and from 2014 he has also been performing through ’Jyske Talenter’. At age of just 15, he can now add songwriter to his CV..

“For the past three years I have performed with other people’s music, but now I am ready to show my own music” Lauritz Boe says. He explains that the single, Dreaming, has been a year in the making, and that it has been a long and challenging process, but he adds that he is looking forward to getting back in the studio with his next track.

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